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Conditions Mostly clear and cooler.
WindNNE @ 3.5 kt (gusting to 3.5 kt)
Temperature-15.6 °C
Barometer765.1 mm (Rising Rapidly)
Sunrise 7:08a
Sunset 6:10p
Humidity68 %
Moon PhaseFirst Quarter
Dewpoint-20.1 °C
Wind Chill-20.1 °C
Rain Rate
Heat Index-15.7 °C
THW Index-20.2 °C

Current as of 02/27/15 at 7:03a

Today's Lows/Highs

Temperature -15.8 °C ( 7:01a) -11.2 (12:00a)
Humidity 61 % ( 1:32a) 70 % ( 5:24a)
Dewpoint -20.6 °C ( 7:01a) -16.7 °C (12:00a)
Barometer 761.2 mm (12:00a) 765.1 mm ( 7:01a)
Rain Rate 0.0 mm (----)
Wind Chill -22.2 °C ( 6:57a)
Heat Index -11.1 °C (12:00a)


Today0.0 mm
Storm Total0.0 mm
Monthly27.2 mm
Yearly1336.4 mm


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