Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club
Established 1894, Royal Warrant 1898
Latitude 45° 18’ 21" N
Longitude 66° 22’ 17" W

Marine Services Prices

Please find below the complete list of prices for Marine Services.  While we do make services available for non-members, we strongly encourage people to “join the club” as there are significant price advantages for members.  Associate Members must wait six months after joining the club to secure access to member rates.


Marine Service Rates for Senior Members (and Associate Members with small boats*)Rates for Associate Members with large boats**

Rates for Non Members
Rate Availability Rates available immediately after joining the clubRates only available after three months of membershipAlways available
Berth - Seasonal

Beam (Width) x $58
Not Available

Not Available
Berth - WeeklyLength (LOA) x $2.50Length (LOA) x $5.00Not Available
Berth - DailyLength (LOA) x $0.50
Length (LOA) x $1.00
Length (LOA) x $1.50
Moorings - Seasonal
Moorings - Weekly
Moorings - Daily
Free (3 consecutive nights maximum)
Not Available
Free (3 consecutive nights maximum)
Not Available
Not Available
Hauling for Inspection / Repairs - Crane/Travel Lift Charges will apply if inspection/repairs take longer than 1 hour.Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.25 + $80Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.25 + $80Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.25 + $160
Overnight in the Slings -This additional charge is applied if the boat is left in the slings of the travel lift over night. This allows for extra time to make repairs, allow paint to dry etc. (Must be the last haul of the day)$50$50$150
Haul, Launch and Storage Package (HLS) - Price based upon launching and hauling on "Club Designated" dates. Includes placing and blocking cradles/trailers. A $100 charge will apply for launching or hauling on non "Club Designated" dates. Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $1.4+ $100Not AvailableNot Available
Haul/Launch "Club Designated" Dates - Haul or Launch on Marine Services designated dates. This rate also includes placing (or removing) vessel on a cradle or trailer.

Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.25 + $100Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.25 + $100Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.30 + $187
Haul/Launch "Non Club Designated" Dates - Haul or Launch on dates not designated "Club" by Marine ServicesLength (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.3 + $150Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.3 + $150Length (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.30 + $237
Travel Lift Turn Around Fee Charge for boats with mast up or fly-bridge or equipment that is higher than the travel lift cross beam. Only applies when boat is being placed on a trailer/cradle. $40$40$40
Jack Stands and Blocking - Charge to secure vessel in the yard that is not equipped with a cradle. This service is only available for short term summer storage and for larger yachts (winter storage) at the discretion of marine services.$50$50$100
Winter StorageLength (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.70+ $120Not AvailableNot Available
Summer StorageLength (LOA) x Beam (Width) x $0.70+ $120Not AvailableNot Available
Mast Installation / Removal$80$80$120
Yard Days - Time in yard during the summer season$20 per day. (Only applies if boat does not have a seasonal berth)$20 per day$30 per day
Mast Storage (Summer or Winter Season) This charge will apply if the mast is not associated with a boat that is paying for winter and or summer storage.$50 per season$50 per seasonNot Available
Cradle / Trailer Storage (Summer or Winter season) This charge will apply to trailers and cradles that are not associated with boats that have berths or pay for winter storage.$50 per season$50 per seasonNot Available
30 Amp Power - Surcharge for using 30/50 amp power receptacles. Members are cautioned to be careful with power use as it is a shared resource.$150 per seasonNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Lockers- Single
Lockers - Double
$25 per year
$50 per year
$25 per year
$50 per year
Not Available
Not Available
Boats Moved in Yard with Hydraulic Trailer$100$100$100
Labour Rate$40 per hour$40 per hour$60 per hour
Crane/Travel Lift Usage (minimum 1 hour)$80 per hour$80 per hour$120 per hour
Small Crane "Picker" Usage (minimum 1 hour)$40 per hour$40 per hour$80 per hour


  •  All prices subject to HST
  • “Club Designated”  launch / haul dates will be assigned by Marine Services and published on the RKYC website calendar
  • All dimensions are in feet
  • * A “small boat” is defined as 18 feet and under with 99 horsepower or less.
  • ** A “large boat” is defined as 19 feet (LOA) or longer and/or over 100 horsepower.
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