Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club
Established 1894, Royal Warrant 1898
Latitude 45° 18’ 21" N
Longitude 66° 22’ 17" W

Haulout Schedule 2017

Please find below the “Club” haul dates for 2017.

Mast removal and haulout will be on a first come first serve basis starting at 8:00 AM (on the below indicated dates).  It will appreciated if you schedule your mast removal/haulout date with the office (632-0186 or , but it is not absolutely necessary. Preference, however,  will be given to scheduled boats.   Also, due to the nature of the haulout process, it will not be possible to select a precise haulout time.  The best way of getting your boat out of the water earlier, will be to get to the club early and/or help with the boats before you. Volunteering keeps our costs down and is always appreciated at the RKYC.

Masts:   We ask that you prepare your mast for storage as quickly as possible.  Masts building up on the end of the dock slows down the process for everyone.  We can’t take masts down if we have nowhere to put them.

We are also reevaluating the spring masting process to ensure that everyone will get access to their mast next spring on a fair, timely and safe basis no matter where it’s stored in the shed.

Please note:  If you need  to be hauled outside these dates, you will be charged a non “Club” haul out penalty.

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